Test of the first prototype

March 2022

The first prototype «Remote Care Assist»

«I see what you see» – Care workers and nurses of Hilfswerk Niederösterreich (Austria) were equipped with the first prototype of the «Remote Care Assist» system in March 2022. Nurses and care workers wore mixed-reality glasses with the newly developed software in the home care service users’ homes. At the Hilfswerk headquarters, the situation in the households could be seen on the screens of the care expert center application. The care experts were able to guide their team in wound care and provide advice in difficult situations despite not being on-site. In addition, some technical tests were carried out to get to know the functioning and limits of the new «Remote Care Assist» system in real situations. The findings of this pilot test will be incorporated into the development of the «Remote Care Assist» system, which will be tested in autumn 2022.


  • University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt: technical development, project management
  • Eichenberger Szenografie: design of the «Expert Center» application
  • Hilfswerk Niederösterreich: test persons (home care service users and care staff)
  • WU Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration: test management and evaluation
Birgit Trukeschitz (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Cornelia Schneider (University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt)

Pilot Test; IMPRESSIONS from Austria