4th Consortium Meeting

22 + 23 March 2023

The field trials are approaching

On 22 and 23 March the 4th consortium meeting took place in Vienna. With every meeting, the impression of a family reunion intensifies ;-) We know each other better and better and communication is becoming more and more direct and efficient. At this meeting, the focus was on the technical and content-related preparations for the field trials and the recruitment of participants. The recruitment for the control groups proved to be particularly challenging. The meeting was therefore also used to develop strategies for the successful recruitment of participants.

On the second day, specific topics were worked on in three groups and the further procedure and milestones were discussed and defined.

  • Group 1: WU/FHWN: Evaluation of the field trials
  • Group 2: FHWN/SHD/KOR: Workshop “train the trainer” for the Hololens
  • Group 3: MOCCA/DIST/SHD/KOR/EIS: Update of the Business Plan

A big thank you goes to WU, especially to Birgit Trukeschitz and her team for the attentive support before and during the meeting and for organising the social part in the evening of the first day. Hmmmm, it was delicious and very entertaining ;-)

Ralph Eichenberger (Eichenberger-Szenografie)

Workshop «train the trainer»